some people acted under the name of the sons of liberty to carry out personal vendettas and revenge. In this momentous monologue, Barré called the British colonists in America the “Sons of Liberty,” a phrase that was quickly adopted in the New England colonies and would forever be connected with opposition to the Stamp Act. Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party From the PBS Liberty site, a bit about how the Sons of Liberty did their bit in the Boston Tea Party. Sons of Liberty. The secret society was formed to protect the rights of the colonists and to fight taxation by the British government. We talk a lot today about how the Constitution no longer means what it used to and it no longer protects individual freedom and liberty as it used to. For those of you who have audio capability, check out what scholar Pauline Maier has to say about the Tea Party. was an underground faction that sought to protect and fight for the American cause. The British tea dumped into Boston Harbor on the night of December 16 was worth more than $700,000 in today’s currency. Essentially, the Sons of Liberty organized into patriotic chapters as a result of the Stamp Tax imposed by the British government on the American colonists in 1765. They did not yet consider independence or separation. During the Parliamentary debate over the Stamp Act (1765), Isaac Barré referred to the American opponents of the new tax as the "Sons of Liberty*." Historical Context and Background Information: The Sons of Liberty was an organization that was created in the Thirteen American Colonies. Secret radical groups in the colonies adopted this name and worked to oppose the stamp tax and other later parliamentary revenue programs. The Sons of Liberty formed out of a number of smaller protest groups in 1765 in response to the Stamp Act. Sons of Liberty. Yet, not every aspect of the Revolutionary Period is … In the 225+ years since its independence, the United States of America has developed into a thriving nation, based on the articulate freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Sons of Liberty, also known as "The Loyal Nine", started off as a group of nine workers and tradesmen who planned to revolt against the Stamp Act.These men could not pay for violence right away, so they had Benjamin Edes, a printer, and John Gill, a worker for the Boston Gazette, to get public exposure through newspaper. The Sons of Liberty also never forgot Andrew Oliver, whose reputation improved little among Boston’s patriots after becoming lieutenant governor in 1770. Opposing the Declaratory Act. Patriot leader Samuel Adams organized the now-famous “tea party” with about 60 members of the Sons of Liberty. The first group was likely formed out of the "Loyal Nine" in Boston with other groups soon forming in New York and Connecticut. members of the sons of liberty worked at newspapers and printed inflammatory articles about the stamp act and glorified the acts of the sons of liberty, obviously, without the required stamp. It all began when the British Empire rose as one of the most feared powers in the world. We say this because a government of limited and The Sons of Liberty supports, Truth, Justice and The American Way. 8 talking about this. Report broken link Voices of the Revolution: Sons of Liberty.