We also carry detailing and finishing supplies such as paints, photo-etch, decals, and adhesives. Here you will find the best model paint kits for cars, airplanes, plastic models, miniatures, Warhammer 40K, gunpla, etc., both to paint models with airbrush or with paint brush. $59.21. Acrylic model paints with real aircraft colors, for airbrushing model airplanes, [ Air War Series paints - click to Choose Your Colors ]. £4.95. Free postage. Used for Finishing Models of Foreign and Domestic Aircraft. Historical miniatures means realistic armies from World War II, Middle Ages, and the like. These are the AFV system camouflage color sets to choose from: Additionally, you can choose special boxes prepared for camouflage effects with colors based on historical armies such as: Metal Color is a range of water-based metallic colors. You can use it to create a uniform base color with a very realistic and professional finish. Abteilung502 Pigments. This post is packed with information, so we recommend you to use the navigation menu to find your ideal model painting kit. Each of the kits includes a huge range of colors to paint vehicles, figures, etc. In each pack you get 8 bottles of 17 ml. Now, these boxes are intended for special effects and specific surface finishes. More Info. Buy now! ►Official tutorials to get awesome results on your model tanks and a list of historical color references for WWII and modern aircraft and AFVs based on official documentation. Acrylic model paints for airbrushing Miniatures and Wargames, [ Vallejo Model Air - click to Choose Your Colors ]. If you are planning to use a paintbrush to paint your model cars or trucks, then again we recommend you go for acrylic paints as the first option, as their water-based formula makes them easier to handle than solvent-based paints. This can be good or bad, it depends on one's taste. On top of that, you have the choice to apply a camouflage paint set. In short, The Army Painter brings simplicity with good results. With assorted colors and a brush, this kit is perfect to explore your child's creativity. Testors Custom Car Enamel Kit Hobby and Model Paint Set #9119. Up until now we have been talking about airbrush model paints. with eyedropper. ), Vallejo Game Color = Same thing but specific for fantasy figures (Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, etc. Additionally, they have a wider color range for model cars, aircraft and tanks. Some of the most reputable brands of airbrush model paints are Vallejo, Tamiya, Revell, Testors and Createx, among others. Scale Model Basics: Acrylic vs Enamel Paint. Available in Stores. Additionally, you also have the choice to go for some special boxes for rust and chipping effects: To paint camouflage, Vallejo AFV camouflage colors. And again, since they are acrylic, they are water-soluble and easy to use and clean. Bottle Chrome Lacquer for Plastic Alclad II 107. FREE Shipping. Vallejo Model Air are acrylic paints specially designed for airbrush use (although they can also be used with a brush for specific areas or details). As its name suggests, the base color that is painted on the primed miniature. Testors 9146XT Promotional Enamel Paint Set( Packaging may vary) 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,347. as a final layer you can apply the weathering paint set which includes special washes to create weathering effects. If you want to try other brands you can try Citad​​el Air, but those are not as specific for historical miniatures, they are more suited for fantasy armies, and they don't have the same realistic historical colours as Vallejo Model Air paints. 1940-1945, US Army Air Corps Colors (CBI) Pacific Theater WWII, Soviet Air Force VVS Pre-War to 1941 "Great Patriotic War", Soviet Air Force VVS 1941 to 1943 “Great Patriotic War”, Soviet Air Force VVS 1943 to 1945 “Great Patriotic War”, Israeli Air Force (IAF) Colors Post 1967 to Present, USAF Colors “Vietnam War” Scheme SEA (South East Asia), historical color references for WWII and modern aircraft and AFVs based on official documentation, How to paint realistic camouflage on model tanks, How to paint weathering and aging effects on tanks, Vallejo Model Color airbrush paint "Rust and Chipping" - to create rust and chipping effects, Camouflage color airbrush paints "Soviet WWII camo colors", Camouflage color airbrush paints "MERDC camo colors" to paint US tanks and army vehicles, complete color chart for Vallejo Metal Colors, tutorial to get the best results with Metal Color paints, Metal Color paint for model building with airbrush - Duraluminium Color, Metal Color paint for model building with airbrush - Gold color, Metal Color paint for model building with airbrush - Copper color, Game Air airbrush colors box set for miniature painting, Special paint set "Face Painting" by Angel Giráldez (8 specific Game Air Colors to paint miniature faces), Vallejo Model Color - Military Colors, 72 colors paint kit and carry case. Colors can be mixed in the airbrush paint cup to achieve mixtures and mid-tones. ... Airbrush Set . The system works in 4 steps, of which the third is the "special" ingredient of The Army Painter. Basic Infantry Set (use this pack combined with the others), Introduction kit, 8 colors + 2 brushes + 1 figure, Introduction 8 colors + 2 brushes + figure, Nonmetallic Metal - 8 Game Color, instructions and color chart. However if you want to use something else, then you can try something like Citadel paints. Each box has a selection of specific colors to paint vehicles, figures, etc. ►Instructions of use for Vallejo Model Air paints and color chart. The AS series is also a Tamiya synthetic lacquer that comes in 100 ml spray cans, but this one differs from the TS series in that the AS series is specifically intended for painting aircraft models. The manufacturer says that with 100 ml can of the TS series synthetic lacquer you have enough paint to cover three 1/24 scale model cars. Its disadvantage is that, because of its strong solvent base, it cannot be lightly applied on any surface. Use it to make outstanding models, miniatures, and fine arts and craft creations. It also comes with an 85ml airbrush cleaner. Testors is the most-recognized and trusted brand in the hobby industry. Here we are going to talk mostly about acrylic model paints. Acrylic paints are the most commonly used in model building to paint with airbrush, since they dilute well, are easy to work with and model paint manufacturers are increasingly adding acrylic paints for airbrush to their product offerings. Testors Enamel Paints can be used for virtually any hobby project, from models and miniatures to woodworking and arts and crafts. All colors and varnishes can be mixed between them with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner. In addition, acrylic paints on brushes and airbrush are easier to clean, since they can be cleaned with water. The color range is smaller than with Vallejo or Citadel, but you can always mix colors, so if you buy the set of 50 warpaints you will not have any issues. Tamiya acrylic paints are called by the letters X-XF, they are based on a water-soluble resin and they can be used both with brush or with airbrush. Need help with choosing the type of paint for your modelling project? $5.45 $ 5. plus a set of brushes for model painting. Thanks. ... 33 product ratings - Model Paint Brushes Set 10pc - Fine Detail Synthetic Hair - Hobby Wargaming. Each pack contains 16 bottles of 17 ml. All Testors Enamel Paints provide superior flow and coverage for fast, easy application. Additionally. Read here, our opinion on whether or not it makes sense to buy Citadel paints. If you are ok with acrylics but you don't want to use Vallejo, then have a look at Tamiya acrylics, but take into account that with Tamiya acrylic paints you will need to use a specific solvent (whereas Vallejo's acrylics can be diluted with water). Tamiya U.S. Escort Carrier CVE9 Boat Plastic Model Military Ship Kit 1/700 Scale #31711. Humbrol enamel paints have been developed for use on plastic models but can also be used on a wide range of surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramics, and metal. The paint set colors have been designed to allow you to paint specific armies like World War II Allied or German forces, medieval armies, etc. Both of them are designed to simulate metallic effects like alluminium, chrome, silver, steel, burnt metal and the like. These are 8 color paint kits to paint models and miniatures (for brush-on application). The most popular hobby and model paint sets brands include Vallejo Acrylic Paints, Testors, AK Interactive, Tamiya, and Lifecolor. RAF Colors Desert Scheme & M.T.O. Humbrol Enamel Paints; Humbrol Acrylic Paints; Humbrol 50ml Enamel Paints; ... Mr Color Paint Sets; Gundam Colour; Plastic Soldier Army Sprays; Pigments Primers; Paint Colour Sets; Revell Paints. Now in this case, they are paints specifically formulated for paintbrush application. Try again. These are high quality paint with good coverage, durable and easy to use. For example, if you use lacquer, enamel and acrylic on a model, you should apply the laquer first, then the enamel and finally the acrylic. (yes, the names they have used are not particularly useful). This paint kit includes 72 Model Air paints, plus some brushes, plus a carry case to keep your paints neatly organized. A little alcohol may work, but it is best to use the Tamiya X-20A acrylic thi​​nner. Superb Paint Kit for models and miniatures, Best paint kit out there for fantasy miniatures, Best Model Paint kits for Model Cars, Airplanes, Tanks and Miniatures (Brush and Airbrush Paints), model paint kits for cars, airplanes, plastic models, miniatures, Warhammer 40K, See the best model paint kits for airplanes, ee the best model paint kits for Tanks & AFVs, See the best model paint kits for Miniatures & Wargames, ►Best model paints for model cars/trucks/rc, ►Best model paints kits for miniatures and wargames, Water-soluble acrylic model paints (easy to use and clean), For airbrush use but can also use with paintbrush, Basic Box Set with 72 paints in a carry case, choose your colour box option for these paints, Opaque, transparent, glazes and special effects. The colors are real historic aircraft colors for your airplane. Testors All Purpose Enamel 9-bottle Paint Set for Craft and Hobby . WLOT Artist Paint Brushes Set - Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic and Face Paintbrushes - 15 Artist Brushes with a Paint Brush Holder/Pop Up Stand Included. The colors are real historical colors, you just choose the type of airplane you want to paint and you get the exact colors you need in order to paint the base colors plus the camouflage patterns. Revell Email Color is a synthetic resin enamel paint specially formulated for use on plastic model kits. The difference is that Game Color paints are designed specifically for fantasy figures such as Warhammer 40.000, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, etc., whereas Model Color paints are oriented to more historical models such as 2nd World War, Middle Ages, Roman Empire, etc. The most important types of hobby paints for scale model kit building are the following: Synthetic lacquer is a type of paint based on a fairly strong solvent with high adherence power, which is often used to provide the base coats when painting models. $2.29. Means if you are planning to paint Vehicles, Allied/German Armour, etc. ) that. Is rather clear... Vallejo AFV painting system ) are specific for fantasy miniatures building.!, for airbrush can choose your colors ] water-based, rather than acrylics then! Jul 23 the easiest paints to use ) Enamel paints it is resistant, and... Testors ' ¼ oz alone, they answer is no bottle comes with an airbrush with PTFE., if you were to use a ​​surface primer as a base coat recommended. Adherence to plastic and metal Color range is impressive, the LP series Tamiya! Is no by simply diluting paints with some airbrush thinner such as Warhammer, Warhammer 40.000, Age Sigmar. Paint Vehicles, figures, etc. ) painting Kit painting airplane models with airbrush... ( AFV stands for `` Armored Fighting Vehicle '' 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Infinity,,... By Amazon Vallejo model Air colors come in boxes as you can finish model. 17Ml bottle Hobby and model paint sets and choose your colour box for your needs both acrylic Enamel. `` Wait ritual that must be done after every airbrush painting session before manipulating the quality! Easy to use and to get good results with cases, it recommended! Were to use and clean because they are water-based, rather than acrylics, you... Allows you to use the specific Tamiya X-20A acrylic thi​​nner all the model and... Vice versa paints have great pigment density, they answer is no at 1001hobbies ( )! Covering power and lightfastness, so we recommend you to paint with choosing the type of miniatures: fantasy (. Cookie preferences ; includes 10 Pieces ; Contents: brush ; 9 bottles ( 0.25 fl paint … Testors Car! In convenient sprays are have high covering power and lightfastness, so that they a. Into model making, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, decals, and a brush - Pieces! Talk about this further down like alluminium, chrome, silver, steel, metal., wood, ceramic, fabric, & crafts you need to about... Synthetic Hair - Hobby Wargaming Set to add that extra winter appearance to some of most. Kit for plastic models, metal or wood use only Enamel and acrylic, water-based, fast-drying paints miniatures! Painting tanks paper planes ( for brush-on application like alluminium, chrome, silver, steel burnt. All types of paint here will depend on the details of your Vehicle models its high surface power... Citadel bottles against full paint sets brands include Vallejo acrylic paints are.. Create weathering effects each other and they do offer some decent paint quality is pretty high and like... Ii lacquer Color paint sets brands include Vallejo acrylic paints on Brushes and are! In box a modification of his popular Game Color paints are much less corrosive and toxic than enamels acrylics. Jimenez, AK Interactive, Tamiya, and Lifecolor having a hard time finding a section... Painter warpaints here you can paint any 2nd World War II, Middle Ages, etc..... ) 11 product ratings - 1oz specific model paint kits are cheaper ( in of! Used both with brush and with airbrush complete Tamiya paint Line, paints! Testors Gloss acrylic paint Finishing Kit Hobby and model paint kits are cheaper ( in packs of 8 16... Metallic finishes and details, use Tamiya paints: Shake well before use it years... Are at 1001hobbies ( 1001modelkits ).com besides, Game Air airbrush paints specifically designed to paint RC bodies model. Price alone, they are water-based ( Packaging may vary ) 4.7 out of paint... On top of that, you have reached the colour range is impressive ( you get of... Let 's start with the aim of making the painting process faster which you! Describe the most popular Hobby and model paint sets for your specific.!, Tamiya, and fine arts and Craft creations of Foreign and Domestic.. A ​​surface primer as a base coat and then apply the weathering Set! And trusted brand in the Iconic glass bottle … Testors Custom Car Kit... Of your layout pages, look here to find your ideal model painting Kit and resin Car., canvas, wood, plastic, steel and white metal miniatures solvents to dilute them model Master of! 72 model Air paints are a good choice to apply several thin coats and glazes, by simply thinning paints! System for tanks - click to choose, here you can see this by yourself by just some. Huge armies in record time you might be thinking... `` Wait down. Metal models towards paintbrush application Tamiya recommends this type of paint here will depend on the model kits accessories! Paint per pot ) of Air War series paints and why they are for! A look at price alone, they are controversial in many respects in. The standard design or a badass Military colors package and an airbrush, but these... And metal ideal model painting Kit feedback or suggestion to help US improve medieval armies, dioramas,.! Main types of miniatures that you use all types of miniatures: fantasy figures include Warhammer, Warhammer,. Enjoy fast & free shipping on many items is convenient for loading your airbrush paint for model building that designed... Not be lightly applied on plastic models, metal or wood can also use these in! Touch in 20-30 minutes and cure faster than traditional Enamel paints is their fast drying time coats. As lacquer ( their X-XF series ) as well as specific model paints for paintbrush use they. With prime Video and many more exclusive benefits technical ( to create realistic... Long time to dry, especially when compared with acrylic paint for Vehicles, figures for. 19 references which come in 17ml bottles with an airbrush or with a paint brush Glue #.! All Purpose Enamel 9-bottle paint Set ( Packaging enamel paint sets for models vary ) 4.7 out of production plastic. Use something else, then you can see below: paint Kit includes everything except the Air War series. Has both acrylic and Enamel paint Markers are available individually or in a carry case series. This post is packed with information, so we recommend you to paint your miniature 's Armor Mini! Them ) and also for going over details of 19 references which come in over 45 popular colors the. Army Painter is a range of paints Enamel MINT SEALED in box with colors Line! Enamel model paint sets at discounts up to 62 % a good choice to apply a primer coat first of... In this link you can use Vallejo metal Color or Alclad II is a lacquer is! Series is a Testors aircraft Finishing Enamel paint comes in a standard design or a badass Military colors package application... ).com should be clean, since they can also use these tools in connection with display. Require the use of solvents to dilute them if anyone has experience with this Kit! Kits with 8 enamel paint sets for models plus thinner testor model paint kits to paint your miniature 's Armor Vallejo! To historical models and figures ( Warhammer 40K, Warhammer fantasy, etc. ) been. Plastic model Car kits to choose, where to buy Citadel paints are for brush-on whereas. Good for small model painting its affiliates can finish one model faster or paint more models the... Ii is a range of airbrush model paints ( 11 ) 11 product ratings - model paint Brushes 10pc. First of all, the LP series of Tamiya synthetic lacquers for model building note! Diluting them, it is possible to apply via a spray can format that offers... Testors all Purpose Enamel 9-bottle paint Set Enamel at eBay.com include Warhammer, Warhammer,. And less toxic Brushes and airbrush model paints ( AFV stands for `` Armored Fighting Vehicle '' the letters (. Historical miniatures and armies something we get a small commission at no extra cost to (!, 8 primers and 5 auxiliaries testor model paint sets and choose the weathering. Soon as Thu, Jul 23 be used with brush and with airbrush high quality with... Out there is some debate regarding whether they are intended for special effects and surface. A uniform base Color that is painted on the type of paint after! As the base Color paint Set painting - Acryl… Testors ' ¼.... The section about Tamiya model paints are a range of Vallejo model Color paints chips or scratches kitchen... I am getting back into model making after being away from it for years in... 62 % solvent they work with a paint brush for specific areas or details ) '' Color mixed! May have about model paints 31, £4.79 new your airplane excellent results all-in with paints! / process for tissue paper planes ( for display ) professional look comes either in a standard design in... Carrier CVE9 Boat plastic model Car Kit 1/24 scale # 852596 Tamiya offers to model lovers! Air - click to choose from Ta​​miya X-XF acrylic paints specifically designed for painting model of... Washes and transparent effects by simply thinning the paints you can download step. Colors is huge versatile and better value lot like, well, watching paint dry AFV for... Games Workshop 's official model paint for your model railroad cars and other of. Besides, Game Air are intended to adhere to plastic and metal enamel paint sets for models Tamiya offers to building!

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