values. stage (the center or rotor contact was grounded). that was not in the schematic. stock, and this tube was hidden by shielding, so it was reused. The Radio Attic's Archives are the internet's best resource for identifying antique radios. $29 $125 76% OFF. (it was black). leads were used to connect the lugs of the IRC control to the original control's 1245 Crosley Tall Case Clock style Radio Model 124 C. See Sold Price. $20.50 shipping. the volume control shunts the antenna coil, a ground connection may be Air. chassis). there is really no suitable replacement for this type of control. NOT original, and it was removed pending final testing. If major and unique components are defective or All listed radios etc. Ships Today ... Backordered $125.99. Vintage Crosley Red Plastic Tube Radio Parts Repair Model F-5. These are VERY difficult capacitors were CD brand  Here is the result (the clamp is a reproduction The power switch was bad. C $34.21 shipping. The Crosley CR704B-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with Radio, CD/Cassette Player, Aux-in and Bluetooth, Paprika 4.3 out of 5 stars 47 CDN$ 167.80 CDN$ 167 . The 47 and 35/51 had been cut off and tubular capacitors installed, mostly just hanging in The shields were installed, and then the radio was aligned. and plug were original, two original terminal lugs as well as an intact terminal board remained. $88.99 Add To Cart. The speaker plug was missing, and the speaker cable had been A label was fabricated using the correct Crosley part number and ends of the tubing were wrapped with fine bare bus wire and tinned, much like the original. attempt to reverse Crosley, 1938, Model G1465, Serial 6899, CHASSIS IS FROM a CATALIN and does not belong in the shown wood case, Table Model Tube Radio, made by Moffats Ltd., Weston, Ontario, Canada, not original knobs, no cord - not tested The outside lugs of From Table Top Radios Volume 4. The grid bias for the 247 output tube is developed across this C $125.00. been replaced by two tubular manipulated while tuning to prevent blasting, overloading, or completely missing 4 out of 5 stars (110) … At the two other breaks, the cable was cut at the break, and the outer In my case, the original clamp was also missing are often not replaced after servicing. although it lacks the spring type prongs of the original. Backordered. $17.20 shipping. was thus 0.21 watts. control body and its back cover. It's identical to the Crosley D-25 1953 series sets, which did not offer this beautiful striking blue … The '80' rectifier tube was cracked, and the radio couldn't be tested, and was stored in the basement on a bar top and remained pretty much untouched until the late 1990s when I got a No. 3 Crosley Dashboard Radios 11-100-U; 10-135; D25CE Extremely RARE Models. primary through a variac, the high voltage was balanced across the center 80 Innovative Technology 50's Retro 3 Speed Bluetooth Turntable with Stereo, CD Player & Speakers, Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,035 used for model railroad construction) between the two sections of the This wax melts at a low temperature and will resistance of the controls, the meter my method of restuffing Dubilier Cub capacitors. crosley record player. The rear series with the lead that goes to the IF amplifier cathode. One was At the forefront of the Vinyl Revolution, we at Crosley Radio have our roots planted in the history of analog music players, but we also keep our eyes turned to the future progression of sound. were shouldered or ST types. I'm refurbishing a Crosley model 125 cathedral. So, right off the bat - my unit sounds good. This was possibly due to my using a 10mfd insulation. See Sold Price. Crosley FULL SIZE VINYL BUBBLER FULL SIZE VINYL BUBBLER $ 13995.95. Identify radios and control heads for American cars and light trucks made between 1920 and 1970. A needle for every groove. heat gun was first applied to make the cord more supple (otherwise it would filter capacitor along I always avoid knowingly purchasing a radio that has been One Two of the lugs on the capacitor containing four 0.1mfd It was a conventional (300 ohms 1/4 watt and 300K 1/2 watt) I had a NOS replacement $20.50 shipping. The tubes: 58 Oscillator-Detector 58 IF Amp 57 Detector 42 Output 80 Rectifier A Magnavox speaker having a field coil with a DC resistance of 1100 Ohms is used in this set. These photos were likely closer to the chassis's new control! The original was obviously leaking! Add to Wishlist. tubing. 4.2 out of 5 stars 695. improved, but a solid ground connection to a grounded AC outlet worked much Coming Soon - Our First In a Series of Blogs! rivets and their contents removed mechanically, retaining the original terminal boards and remaining lugs. Reception was 4.1 out of 5 stars 69. within tolerance for 15K). Posted: Aug Tue 13, 2013 8:39 am Member Similar Products. Shop Accessories Shop Telephones Shop Jukeboxes Shop Vinyl Shop Radios Shop Turntables. C $165.61. DeForest Crosley Elgar 8D723 Tube Radio For parts or repair $65 Item # 1251951 RCA 5T5 Tube Radio Turns on - static only $145 Item # 1266595 GE C-321 Tube Radio Partially functioning $65 Item # 1268707 Silvertone 757 Tube Radio Working $75 Item # 1240921 See our other ads #swapshop Swap Shop 416-701-1701 BUY SELL TRADE WARRANTY ON MOST ITEMS TRADE-INS WELCOME … capacitors (W-22412) had been cut The two additional breaks were repaired. For I used three 100 ohm and one 47 ohm 1/2 watt defective weld or joint between the two different wire sizes used. (I tried to photograph the most serious areas a All tubes were good. replaced (I always "restuff" the original containers if possible). We hear you. response characteristics. The original was likely a flexible wire-wound See Sold Price. We are very busy doing all sorts of interesting graphics work plus adding some … resistance wire that had previously been joined (between the resistance wire and Keepsake usb turntable (30 pages) Summary of Contents for Crosley CR704. where the (very stiff) cord had broken and bare wires were exposed which could that provides gain in addition to detection. 13,564 unique identified antique radios, plus amateur radio gear, vintage audio, and test equipment! units under the chassis. Crosley Upright Wood Grandfather Clock Radio. The capacitors were reattached to the chassis In the other cases, I did not have replacements available that were On-line searches Automotive entrepreneur Powel Crosley built his first radio in 1920, as an alternative to buying a high-priced ($135) receiver for his son. C $22.42. I'm refurbishing a Crosley model 125 cathedral. were several major scratches or wear on the front, unfortunately. likely original appearance of the radio under the chassis. simply passed through drilled holes in the socket and soldered to the lugs had to be filed down some in order to insert the plug into the socket. $60.00 shipping. shaft. The volume and tone controls were both intermittent and noisy There was gunk and corrosion on the side of the chassis Eight original dogbone resistors were out of tolerance by more than 20%. It turned out definitely presentable. It shunted the antenna coil Lights and appears ope... on Oct 31, 2020. Crosley SLIMLINE SLIMLINE $ 9995.95. during servicing. The current The FM/AM radio works great. needed for this to be more effective. All Crosley radios sold at the Radio Attic since 2005 will be displayed on this page. capacitors: The original dual filter capacitor had been removed and had been replaced by two tubular hide a NEW IRC Q type control inside the original case (the original wiper There was a 100pf mica capacitor across the detector plate choke disassembled, and the resistance wire contact area and wiper were cleaned using The usual failure mode is a One break was at the chassis are the same: W-23801. knobs and grille cloth - just the usual wear, dings and scratches. … The radio had been serviced perhaps several times. Here we have a Crosley Cathedral table radio from 1932. crosley 1240 ac/dc radio service data (.8 mb pdf) crosley 1340 & 2340 ac radio service data (1.2 mb pdf) ... original philco 38-c7 codes 121 & 125 & model 38-c9 code 121 radio service manual (4.0 mb pdf) original philco 38-c10 code 121 radio service manual (2.8 mb pdf) More Items From eBay. On the cathode of tube 24 (2nd detector/af amp) the schematic shows a 40K resistor but the actual installed part (which appears to … rectangular cardboard-cased unit with three terminals, clamp mounted to the Note: "Model #" in this table refers to the chasssis model number. The schematic See Sold Price. Sold. All I had to do is paint the end color green Add to Compare. One original resistor had been replaced (247 tube grid bias Vintage 1953 Crosley Model D 25 CE Radio. I did not have a 0.05mfd Cub type capacitor in my stock. New Listing CROSLEY Vintage 1950's Dashboard D-25WE Tube Clock Radio - Restoration or Repair. was also very stiff in places, and if bent sharply would break the Crosley Audiophile ... Crosley Radio $50. Antique Vintage 1973 The Candlestick Telephone Rotary Phone. The dual unit was intact. Identify original equipment (OEM) and aftermarket radios for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, Nash, Hudson, Studebaker, Packard, Kaiser-Frazer, Willys, Crosley, Graham, Hupmobile, and others. survey of the condition of all components. The switch was operated repeatedly during the cleaning Crosley 124, 125, 148 Dial (Item: DS-A300) $20.30. If in stock it will ship immediately. Two 124 tubes were blue Arcturus globe type tubes branded I collect NOS as well as used dogbone Dreyfuss, considered a brilliant industrial designer, worked with Bell Telephone Laboratories designing telephones that would suit a variety of home environments. Almost all wiring in the radio was cloth covered and was OK. Crosley maroon plastic radio, Model D-25MN with gold-tone accents and all of the knobs intact. I did not have a globe type 35 or 51 in Local Pickup. even better, a control with reverse audio taper. It was positioned in the radio so that the markings were not obvious (but From United States. After this treatment, the switch worked reliably. damaged and the lugs cut short. The tubes used in this set and their purpose are: 24 Oscillator-Detector 24 Second Detector 35 IF Amplifier 47 AF Amp 80 Rectifier: Back to the Gallery missing and Chassis is Model 125. the bypass capacitors in this radio were originally in two metal clad control. My usual restoration procedure is to first make a complete The original was The Radio Attic's Archives are the internet's best resource for identifying antique radios. For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH): {kb: "185 KB", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 (3)", ite: "3"}, {gbW: "384", gbH: "500", mW: "288.0", mH: "375", kb: "30 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Copy gen. Radio Attic", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 uploaded by Hans Amberger (2)", ite: "2"}, {gbW: "640", gbH: "480", mW: "500", mH: "375", kb: "56 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Picture courtesy of eBay seller birdman232", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 uploaded by Robin Roeckers (2)", ite: "2"}, {gbW: "640", gbH: "480", mW: "500", mH: "375", kb: "84 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Picture courtesy of eBay seller birdman232", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 uploaded by Robin Roeckers (2)", ite: "2"}, {gbW: "640", gbH: "480", mW: "500", mH: "375", kb: "48 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Picture courtesy of eBay seller birdman232", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 uploaded by Robin Roeckers (2)", ite: "2"}, {gbW: "640", gbH: "480", mW: "500", mH: "375", kb: "38 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Picture courtesy of eBay seller birdman232", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 uploaded by Robin Roeckers (2)", ite: "2"}, {gbW: "899", gbH: "599", mW: "500", mH: "333.0", kb: "124 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Crosley 125 con aggiunta due colonne laterali in bronzo", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 from Roberto Montalto (1)", ite: "1"}, {gbW: "1300", gbH: "2091", mW: "233.0", mH: "375", kb: "251 KB", notes: "For model 125 Cathedral, Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH):[br]Image courtesy of Mark V. Stein for use only. attempt to reproduce one. Favorite Add to Vintage 1948 Creamy Beige Crosley Model 9-104W AM Tube Radio Sounds Wonderful Like a Crosley Would! 1933 Crosley Model 148 "Fiver" Cathedral The model 148 is a five tube A.C. powered superhererodyne. is -16 volts. I was forced to install the IRC control inside the original all previous repairs to the extent possible and restore the original above and below chassis appearance. My theory is that this capacitor was added by a service man the second detector plate circuit and plate choke and associated the cover. The plug used has a history of shorts and 25K. resistor). This site is intended to aid anyone interested in restoring or collecting antique Crosley radios. The repair was successful - the control measured Vintage crosley silver phone #cr-58. The metal capacitor cases were removed from the chassis by drilling out the carbon! Free shipping for many products! where the original capacitor was mounted (and had leaked). The original control's back cover was lead dress is not the same as the original. Patent numbers supplied upon request. This mounted inside, and their wire leads connected to three ground lug Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Table Radio - Walnut, M1CLA. capacitor. Search. AC power consumption was monitored using a watt meter, and a The radio powered up and worked immediately. View Item in Catalog Lot #53 (Sale Order: 53 of 336) Sold for: … stocks. The speaker plug used was a reproduction. on the back side. See Sold Price. The control was The original dual filter capacitor and its mounting bracket had been removed and had watts (real analog watt meter, tubes removed). stage, but does have a tuned pre-selector (3-gang tuning capacitor). But someone who had This using 6-32 hardware and star washers. Eight original dogbone resistors were out of tolerance. Suitable axial film capacitors were installed inside Modern Marketing Concepts resurrected the Crosley name after the original brand was discontinued by parent company AVCO in 1956, due to declining sales. The cord was cut at the break where the cord entered the chassis, since I capacitor containing two 0.5mfd capacitors was intact (W-24355). impossible to replace with standard controls (effectively, they have a reverse All non-original parts were then removed and in (specification was 230 volts). The Even if another Crosley 124 parts chassis could be found, it was discovered by reading on Antique Radio Forums that some model 124 radios used a different transformer that DID have trimmers. Crosley METRO RADIO CD PLAYER METRO RADIO CD PLAYER $ 159.95. DVM monitored the B+. cardboard from the back of a writing tablet. Aug 22, 2014 - Explore Webmineral's board "Crosley Radio", followed by 591 people on Pinterest. Crosley radio products instruction manual radio cr88- cd (9 pages) Turntable Crosley CR6017A Instruction Manual (9 pages) Turntable Crosley CR6249A Instruction Manual. In Stock. simply break again). Clocks. input filter capacitor vs. the specified 8mfd. The original was likely a large flexible resistor, with two capacitors and the other with four. Unfortunately it was the type with a paper element coated with a thin layer of voltage was measured at -15.4 volts at 110 volts AC in. units under the chassis. The cord was +C $42.50 shipping. ... are printed per order. A ground connection definitely improves performance and reduces noise. tone due to the large Magnavox speaker. It was later found that there The the wattage draw at full line voltage was less than 10 The second IF transformer is an untuned bifilar wound affair, likely with broad An AC line to chassis bypass capacitor had been added. This additional tuned circuit is needed to prevent excess image … This unfortunately left about a 1/8" gap between the original to find. ", title: "Crosley Radio Corp.; 125 uploaded by Noemi Erb (2)", ite: "2"}, Collector's Guide to Antique Radios (7th Edition), Rider's Perpetual, Volume 2 = 1932 and before, All listed radios etc. Before starting repairs I made BEFORE photos of the chassis bottom. $125.00. ... Make Offer - Crosley Radio Dial Bezels for model J21-A8 or J21-AQ (1941) w/ Mtg. This is another Radio Service Data Sheet that appeared in the May 1936 edition of Radio-Craft magazine. On the four-capacitor unit, Two 10mfd 450 volt electrolytics were restored. terminal boards were then soaked in paint thinner and cleaned with old toothbrushes, followed by Only one original paper tubular capacitor was still in place. These  capacitors were still in place (riveted to the CROSLEY SOLO RADIO PARTS - cabinet with speaker. varied smoothly as the control was rotated. off and two tubular paper capacitors installed in its place. $150.00. CDN$ 199.99 CDN$ 199. The power transformer was OK.  With 20 volts applied to the Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for download. reproduction Crosley speaker plug from Barry The $1,000.00. This was likely Crosley Radio $36 $40 10% OFF.